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Misconcenptions about Noah and the pre-flood world...

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“Time-Capsule to the Last Generation”

Living as we do in an era when the Book of Enoch is returning to the mainstream and away from obscurity, it is taking a while for us all to get acquainted with this book which has been so neglected for the past two millennia. This being the case, there are a number of misconceptions and incorrect assumptions being promoted via the web concerning what the Book of Enoch teaches and what conditions were like in the pre-flood world. These erroneous assumptions were probably to be expected given the many, many centuries that exposition and commentary upon the Book of Enoch has been lacking. We're only starting to get acquainted with this book in the West, all while respect for and acceptance of the book is exploding in our world.

{Note to the reader}: The following links are being offered by someone who believes the Book of Enoch is a book of the Bible, because it has always been included in some believers' Bibles as far back as anyone can determine. More than that, I believe the Book of Enoch is the authentic writing of the Biblical patriarch Enoch, born seventh from Adam. However, not all that is being said about this book in our day is true. ~ RI Burns

Myth #1: The reason for the flood was to remove corrupt DNA
Myth #2: No one, except Noah was righteous in that generation
Myth #3: The reason for the flood was to destroy the giants
Myth #4: The giants were hundreds, if not thousands of feet tall
Myth #5: The angels who sinned before the flood, practiced gene-splicing
Myth #6: The angels who sinned before the flood, altered the DNA of the animal kingdom
Myth #7: The Watchers created the dinosaurs
Myth #8: Bad DNA from the Watchers made it onto the ark, surviving the flood
Myth #9: The Book of Jasher fills in the blanks

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